Organizing Your Prayers

All Be Still prayers have a status, which is always one of four values: 

Active.  When you add a new prayer to a prayer list, it appears with a status of active.  Only active prayers in your My Prayers list are displayed in your prayer time.   

Snoozed.  If you create a prayer in your My Prayers list, then you may optionally snooze it, which means that it is temporarily excluded from your prayer list when you start prayer time.  Snoozed prayers appear with a half-moon icon at the top: 

You choose how long a prayer should remain in a snoozed status, which can be some number of days, weeks, or months.  When that time has passed, the prayer automatically returns to active status and reappears during your prayer time.  Snoozing is useful for prayers that you wish to include only intermittently in your prayer time. 

You can snooze only prayers that you create in your My Prayers list.  Followed prayers and prayers in groups cannot be snoozed. 

Archived.  If you create a prayer in any prayer list—either My Prayers or a group—you may archive it, which hides it but does not delete it.  You can still read the contents of archived prayers, and you can move an archived prayer back to active status.   Archived prayers are not marked with any special icon, but the list header will contain the word Archived

Answered.  If a prayer is answered, you may change its status to answered.  The prayer then appears with a checkmark icon: 

Answered prayers are treated as a special type of archived prayers.  If you filter your prayer list to display archived prayers. the list will contain both archived and answered prayers.  If you filter it by answered status, it will contain only prayers marked as answered and will exclude all other archived prayers.  

You are always allowed to move a prayer from any status to any other status.   

In addition to these four status values, you may mark a prayer as a favorite.  The prayer then appears with a heart icon: 

Prayers marked as favorite automatically appear at the top of prayer lists, but they have no connection to the four prayer status values described above.