Archiving A Prayer

Archiving a prayer will remove it from your active prayer list and will exclude it from the prayers shown during prayer time.  However, archived prayers are not deleted.  Their contents can still be seen, and they may be restored at any time to active status. 

Archiving is similar to snoozing, except that archived prayers do not wake up and return to active status on their own.  An archived prayer remains in an archived status permanently unless you explicitly unarchive it. 

Archiving a prayer is useful for hiding inactive prayers that you may wish to retain for later review.  You can view all archived prayers by setting an archive filter. 

Archived prayers have no special status icon in the prayer list.  The only way to distinguish active from archived prayers on the prayer list is to set a filter. 

You may optionally set an archive autodelete to automatically deleted archived prayers that reach a certain age, such as 90 days or 2 years.   

Archived prayers cannot be edited, shared by text or email, scheduled for a prayer reminder, or snoozed.  If you set a reminder on an active prayer and then archive the prayer, the reminder will be deleted. 

You may archive any prayer that you create, or any prayer in a group of which you are the admin. 

You can archive and unarchive a prayer using either of two methods: 

To archive or unarchive a prayer 

(Method 1) 

1. From a prayer list, swipe left on the prayer you wish to snooze.  This exposes a set of shortcut icons: 

2. Tap Archive to archive the prayer (or Unarchive if the prayer is already archived). 

Alternatively, you may use the prayer options page: 

To archive or unarchive a prayer 

(Method 2) 

1. Find the prayer you wish to snooze and open its prayer options page.   

2. Tap  the Archive button (or Unarchive if the prayer is already archived): 

Note: If you archive a group prayer that other Be Still users have followed, those users will receive an alert stating that the prayer has been archived.  The prayer will then disappear as a followed prayer from the My Prayers lists of all those users.