Joining A Prayer Group

It’s easy to find any Be Still prayer group if you know the approximate name of the group or any of its key attributes, such as location, church, or admin name.  In general, you discover the name of a prayer group from the admin of that group, who creates the group and then publicizes its name to everyone who may be interested in joining it as a member.  However, all Be Still users are free to search all prayer groups and to join or request to join any group that interests them, even if the users had not previously known about those groups. 

 To find a Be Still prayer group by name: 

1. Tap the Groups button at the bottom of the page: 

2. Be Still displays the Groups page: 

Tap the Find a Group button. 

3. In the Start your Search field, enter the name of a group or a part of the name: 

4. As you type, Be Still finds all groups with a name that contains the text that you have entered: 

If the list of match results is long, you can narrow the results by entering a longer search value. 

Having displayed a list of matching groups, you may now explore them and join one. 

To join a group: 

1. In the list of search results, tap the name of the group that you wish to join.  Be Still displays an information card for this group: 

If the group name is grayed out and does nothing when tapped, then you are already the admin or a member of this group and you cannot join it again. 

2. The bottom of the information card contains either a Join or a Request button.  Use these buttons to join the group. 

3. If the button says Join, then the admin allows any Be Still user to join this group immediately.  Tap Join, and you will instantly become a member. 

4. If the button says Request, then your must obtain approval from the admin to join this group.  Tap Request, and Be Still will send a join request to the group admin.   

When the admin approves your join request, you will receive an alert within Be Still informing you that you are now a member of this group: 

If you attempt to join this group again before the admin has granted approval, Be Still will display Your request is pending on the information card and there will be no Request button. 

If you don’t know the name of the group you wish you join, you can also perform an advanced search for a group by its other key attributes: location, church, admin name, or purpose. 

To find a Be Still prayer group  

using advanced search: 

1. Tap the Groups button at the bottom of the page: 

2. Be Still displays the Groups page: 

Tap the Find a Group button. 

3. Tap the Advanced Search button: 

4. Be Still displays the Advanced Search page:   

Enter a value in at least one of these fields.  You may enter partial search values in any field, such as “Hou” to match a location of “Houston.”  You may also enter values in more than one field.  Be Still will display only groups that match all the values you enter. 

Note: Entering a value for the Group Name field alone is the same as doing a simple search by name, as explained above. 

5. Tap the Search button.  Be Still closes the Advanced Search page and displays a list of matching groups. 

6. To explore and join any of these groups, keep the search results visible and follow the steps in To Join a Group above.