Moderating Prayer Requests

Occasionally you may spot prayers in a group that are inappropriate for that group.  The prayer author may have posted the prayer to the wrong group, shared information that violates someone’s privacy, or included content that is unfit for shared prayers.   

Any Be Still user can mark, or flag, any group prayer as inappropriate.  The admin of the group is immediately alerted and can either edit the content of the prayer or delete it entirely. 

To flag a prayer as inappropriate: 

1. Open the group prayer options for the prayer.  You can do this in two ways: 

(a) From the prayer detail page, tap the wrench icon in the upper-right corner: 

(b) From a group prayer list, swipe right on a prayer to expose the Options button.  Tap it. 

2. Tap the Flag as Inappropriate button: 

Only prayers created by other members of the group can be flagged as inappropriate.  Admins of a group cannot flag any prayers in the group as inappropriate , because they can simply edit or delete any prayer directly. 

Flagging a prayer as inappropriate merely notifies the group admin of potentially troublesome content.  Only the group admin can edit or delete that content, and the admin’s action is not returned to you as an alert.