Understanding Prayer Lists

Understanding Prayer Lists 

Be Still can organize both your own prayers and the prayers that others have chosen to share with you.  All the prayers that you see in Be Still appear in one or more prayer lists. 

Each Be Still user has a special prayer list called My Prayers

My Prayers is the prayer list that you first see when you log in to Be Still, and it’s often the prayer list in which you spend most of your time.   

You can create prayers in My Prayers.  These prayers, called My Prayers prayers, are private and never shared with any other Be Still users.  You can do many things to My Prayers prayers, such as update them, mark them as answered, set reminders on them, and so forth.  But other Be Still users never see your My Prayers prayers. 

In addition, if you choose, you can join prayer groups, which are communities of Be Still users that share prayers.  Each prayer group—often shortened to just “group” in Be Still—has one prayer list that is shared among all the members of that group.  For example, you could create a group named “Thrive Group” for the prayer team in a Bible study named “Thrive”: 

Members of the Thrive Group can post prayers to the Thrive Group prayer list, which is separate from everyone’s own My Prayers list.  Only members of the Thrive Group can view prayers on the Thrive Group prayer list.  Because different people can create the prayers in a group, Be Still displays the prayer creator’s name in blue as shown above.   

Groups are handy for sharing prayers, but if you belong to many groups then you must visit the prayer list of each group to see the prayers in that group.  Sometimes you may wish to keep an eye on specific prayers in prayer groups because they are especially interesting or relevant to you.  Be Still therefore allows you to follow a group prayer.  This causes a prayer in a group prayer list to appear in your My Prayers list, even though you are not the prayer creator. 

To summarize the behavior of Be Still prayer lists: 

1. You always have a My Prayers prayer list.  If you choose not to belong to any prayer groups, then My Prayers is the only prayer list you see.  All prayers that you create in My Prayers are private to you and never shared with any other Be Still users.   

2. If you join any prayer groups, then you can see many prayer lists: your own My Prayers list, plus the prayer list for each group that you have joined.  By default, the prayers in those groups do not appear in your My Prayers list.  But you may optionally follow any prayer in a group prayer list, and that prayer will then appear in your My Prayers list.  As a result, your My Prayers list may contain a mixture of two different types of prayers: prayers that you create, and prayers that you have followed from a group.  You can easily tell the difference, because followed prayers show the prayer creator’s name in blue to let you know the prayer came from a prayer group. 

All prayer groups appear on one vertically scrolling page in Be Still, but the page heading will change. 

Your My Prayers prayer list will normally have this heading: 

However, your My Prayers list also uses these headings in special cases: 

These special headings are used when you filter your My Prayers list.  Nevertheless, if you see any of these headings on a prayer list, then you know you are viewing your My Prayers list, not a the prayer list of a group.  

Headings for group prayer lists, on the other hand, always contain the group name: 

The heading will always tell you whether you are currently seeing My List prayers or prayers from a group prayer list.