Sharing A Prayer With Your Church

If you have stored the contact information for your church in Setting Church Contact Information, you can share prayers with your church.   

Sharing prayers with your church is similar to sharing prayers by email, but the church’s email address is automatically filled in for you in the outgoing email.  This email address can be any valid email address, but it is often a dedicated email address that your church uses to receive emailed prayers, such as [email protected]

To share a prayer with your church: 

1. Find the prayer you wish to share with your church and open its prayer options page.  Tap Share

2. This opens a new page with sharing options.  Tap To my Church

3. Be Still opens the email app on your device and creates an email using the content of the prayer you selected.  The church email address will be prefilled, using whatever contact information you gave for the church in Setting Church Contact Information: 

4. The email app will close, and Be Still returns you to the sharing options page.  Click Back twice to return to the page your started from. 

As with prayers shared by email, Be Still will insert some text above and below your prayer request.   

Note: If you attempt to share a prayer with your church without first storing your church’s email address in Be Still, the email will open but the To: field will be empty.